Social Media

Join the conversation about your brand.

It’s no longer about talking to your customers. Today you should be talking with your customers. That’s the purpose of social media marketing. There’s already a conversation that’s going on about you in social media channels. It’s up to you whether you join it or not. Social media is not just posting company or brand news on Facebook and Twitter, or showing an image of your newest product on Instagram. It’s NOT a broadcast channel where you push messages at your consumers. It’s creating a dialogue between you and your customers. Social media is social! It’s a conversation. It’s content that your customers want to see and share with their friends and social groups.

Social Media Strategy.

Content is the critical element in a successful social media strategy. We know how to create engaging content and drive the conversation with your customers. But great content only engages your consumers when you have a well-planned content and scheduling plan. While most marketers understand that they should be doing social media marketing, few do it correctly.

We were early adopters of the major social channels and have been exceeding the normal engagement levels of brand social channels for years. Where a typical Facebook brand page post may reach .03 to 1% (that’s right, three-tenths of one percent to one percent!) of the fans who have “Liked” that page, we regularly drive engagement of 20% to 30% of a brand’s Facebook community. We’ve created proprietary content and posting matrices that drive reach and engagement. Social media includes listening to what’s being said about you and your brand in social spheres, and quickly reacting to it.

Social Content Creation.

There is a digital tsunami of information flooding social channels. Brands must have unique content to cut through the noise and clutter so that consumers want to comment or share it in their own communities. We create dialogue between your brand and your current and potential customers by developing targeted content that drives consumer notice and engagement. Video has become king of the major social channels, driving engagement three to seven times greater than non-video content. We strategize, and can write, produce and post video content that gets noticed, engages and is shared.

Social Media Management.

Some brands prefer to execute their social media strategy in-house. Others prefer that we manage their social communities to maximize consumer engagement. Our social media managers are adept in immersing themselves in your brand’s channels and fostering conversations with current and potential customers as well as identifying and encouraging brand evangelists.

Paid Social Marketing.

Social users provide information in their communities that make them targetable in ways that marketers never dreamed possible just a few years ago. We can micro-target by geography, demographics, psychographics, culture, likes, dislikes, their behaviors – how they spend their time, where they go, what they use. Paid social marketing is a lot of science combined with a little art. We know how to target, reach and engage your potential customers through paid social channels.

Social Media Marketing Society.

We’re members of the Social Media Marketing Society, a group composed of the very best social media marketers in the world. We were selected for this honor in 2015 as part of the inaugural class of selectees. Not only are we honored to be part of this prestigious industry group, we also have the peer resources of hundreds of the best social media marketers in the world. We participate in ongoing training and discussions that keep us at the forefront of the ever-changing social media marketing industry.

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