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Sixthman Festivals at Sea

Brand Partnerships.


Sixthman is a division of Norwegian Cruise Lines that produces over 15 annual festivals-at-sea on cruise ships. The themed cruises feature music artists including KISS, Train, Kid Rock, Florida-Georgia Line and television and movie personalities such as the cast from “The Walking Dead” and Turner Classic Movies. Sixthman wanted to initiate additional revenue streams. Ventura & Co. was tasked with creating brand-partnerships to generate additional revenue. While each cruise only delivers 2,500 guests, the events provide a four to six day immersive experience for brands to be with bands and their ardent created immersive events that included product sampling, branded real estate on board the ship, tie-ins with performers, and most importantly, the brands became part of the fans memorable experiences. Vco also identified addition brand partnership and experiential opportunities by creating pre-party events held ashore the night prior to each cruise embarkation.



Ventura & Co. developed and implemented a strategy that created brand partnerships for the entire series of events with Marriott Hotels and Delta Air Lines. We designated Marriott as the official hotel for pre and post cruise overnights. We created a series of pre-cruise parties at a Marriott property that were sponsored by liquor brand. Delta became official airline partner, as Sixthman directed their 35,000 annual cruise guests to Delta for air travel to the embarkation port, Miami. We also paired cruises to create specific demographic/psychographic targets, such as women 35-54, to create targeted immersive branding opportunities for select brand marketers. We created product sampling programs, branded real-estate aboard the cruise ship, retail bounce-back opportunities and lifestyle events that included brand / product placement.

Brands become part of fans' memorable vacation experiences.