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Progressive Voices

Organic & Paid Social Media


Progressive Voices is an online streaming service featuring top progressive talk radio hosts. It has a national audience and is the only source of progressive talk radio in most of America. They wanted to launch social channels to expand their brand and audience reach beyond their online stream. And, they wanted to use paid social media to reach former listeners of traditional radio stations in key markets that had previously featured progressive talk, but had dropped the format. Progressive Voices’ target listeners are adults 30-49. These people are major consumers of digital content via mobile devices. They are also key users and consumers of social media. Social media, both organic and paid provided not the best and most efficient marketing solution. Social’s ability to micro target by demographic, psychographic and geographic parameters gave us the ability to laser-target specific messaging.



Ventura & Co. developed a social strategy focusing on Facebook and Twitter that included original content from the hosts of the online stream, as well as aggregated progressive content from leading progressive personalities, blogs and media outlets. A targeted content strategy was paired with an aggressive posting schedule, with the goal of becoming the progressive voice on Facebook and Twitter. Several targeted paid Facebook campaigns were launched in key progressive markets, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, New York and Chicago with the goal of driving new listenership to the online stream. Results exceeded expectations by 130%. We more than tripled the members of Progressive Voices’ social communities, The Facebook page consistently delivered weekly reach that was 6X to 10X that of the number of page followers. Several times, the weekly reach, based on engagement, exceeded 30X the number of people in in the Facebook community. This was due to massive sharing of engaging content by community members.


PV's Facebook page ranked among the Top 1% of all Facebook Brand Pages based on engagement.