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Web Strategy & Design / Ecommerce


Meadoworks is a Chicago-based business-to-business company that buys and sells used machinery utilized in the plastic products industry. Their clientele is worldwide, and all sales are transacted online. Inventory changes on a daily basis. Customers also submit photos and details of online of machinery that they want to sell through Meadowlarks. They needed a complete rebranding and a new website with immense ecommerce capabilities: automatic daily updating of product inventory; the ability for customers to search for machinery using multiple parameters; display of large photo arrays of current inventory, and an email based sales process utilizing a customized ecommerce cart system. We built a sophisticated search capability into the site, allowing customers to search by product, brand, price, model and model year.


Ventura & Co. executed a complete rebrand to position Meadoworks as the enviro-friendly industry leader. We started with a new logo design and brand persona that was consistent through the digital channel. The strategy for the new website was to position Meadowlarks as the industry leader in the manner in which customers could by and sell used industrial machinery on a sophisticated ecommerce site. Product inventory had to be searchable using multiple parameters. Machinery was categorized in more than 200 classifications. The site became the new industry benchmark and sales increased 145% within first year of launch.

Online sales increased 145% with launch of new ecommerce site.