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Aaron’s, a strong retail brand, was faced with a change in their target consumer because of the economy and a web site that didn’t meet the needs of their online consumers.  The changes in the economy made Aaron’s attractive to a much wider, more internet savvy audience. While had been around for a while, it took its cues from offline print pieces and did not immediately satisfy the needs of the online user. The web site needed to be refreshed and user experience best practices needed to be employed. Additionally, current site analytics found that Aaron’s customers had huge appetites to consumer digital information through mobile and email. Their email program was found to have more than 300,000 “dead” names and open rates were very low. Email was a non-factor in the overall marketing program. There was no cohesive strategy among the traditional and digital marketing channels.


We determined that Aaron’s digital brand needed to be redefined. Whether through the dot com, mobile access or via email, it needed a common “golden thread” that would project brand consistency across all digital channels. While utilizing some assets form the earlier design, we maintained the positive, service-oriented attributes of the Aaron’s brand with a focus on quickly getting the users to the depth of products and promotions that Aaron’s has to offer on the redesigned site. We also discovered that mobile was the prime means of accessing online content for a significant segment of Aaron’s target consumers. We launched a new mobile site in conjunction the dot com redesign. Aaron’s could now reach all customers whether doing research at home prior to purchase, or looking for the nearest store while shopping via mobile devices  Email was redesigned to match the web site and was used to compliment monthly circulars that are distributed offline.  All digital content featured themed specials to drive the consumer to make a purchase decision. Within a few months, Aaron’s saw traffic grow at a huge pace, month-over-month. The relaunched email campaign showed greater focus and ROI as a traffic driver to individual stores. Mobile growth in reaching the digital audience generated leads for Aaron’s.

Aaron's relaunched email campaign drove 22% of in-store purchases.