Web Strategy & Design

WEB STRATEGY based on User Experience!

Effective online marketing is more than a pretty website. Web sites constantly evolve based on how consumers use the web. We strategize sites to take maximum advantage of this user behavior that we call User Experience (UX).  Whether you’re marketing to consumers or to other businesses, the goal is to get site visitors to take a desired action. We call this “conversion,” and it’s the most vital element in creating a great web strategy. Scientific research shows us how users consume online content. That user behavior dictates how we we design and format each element and each page on a web site, and how those pages flow together. We know that web users scan pages, looking for specific topics and keywords. We know that the experience users have developed looking at thousands and thousands of web sites has created a subliminal set of expectations as to where to find universal elements on a web site – like the Search Bar or Social Icons. We are not going to change user behavior on the web, but knowing how a consumer reads and uses a web site allows us to strategize and design for optimum consumer engagement and conversion.

MOBILE OPTIMIZATION is crucial to your online marketing success.

Almost 60% of all online content is now consumed by mobile devices (smart phones and tablets – iPads). Mobile devices have had a huge impact on web strategy and design. We strategize and design for the mobile screen (vertical). We call this “responsive” design. Responsive web sites display content in the traditional manner on desktops and laptops, but are automatically reformatted in vertical mode for smartphones and tablets. Web sites must evolve as consumer behavior and web usage evolves. What worked three years ago, or even last year, may no longer be effective. If you haven’t redesigned or re-formatted your web site in the last three years, your site may not be responsive. If it isn’t, it is costing you business.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION based on Google Best Practices.

Search engines play a critical role in driving consumers to any particular web site. Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to potential customers finding you on the web. We know how to drive organic search rankings to your advantage. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. In 2015, Google made over 500 changes to their algorithm that determines how sites are ranked on Google’s search result pages (SERPs). Keeping abreast of the latest developments in search rankings is crucial to being found on the web. We’re very good at that! We know the keys to effective organic search rankings, and we bake organic SEO into every paragraph and image on every page of your site.

We’re a Google Partner. 

We’re one of a small group of marketing agencies that has earned “Google Partner” status. We work directly with Google to stay on top of the frequent changes and nuances that effect Google search rankings. We use Google’s real-time data to help your business grow. We’re constantly learning more through formalized Google training, and applying it for our client’s benefit. We are also well versed in Adwords, Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising program, and can design and implement paid search ads across all Google’s platforms, including YouTube.

WEB DESIGN that wows and sells.

We work with one of the most talented and experienced design groups in America, Third Eye Design. They are a results-driven creative boutique that uses elegant design to build sites that command results.

TAKE A LOOK at our work.

Here are a few of the web sites that we’ve designed, developed and launched. They range from Meadoworks‘  and Slimpressions complex ecommerce sites, to professional sites, like this one for a psychologist.

Read our Meadowork’s Success Story.



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